On Credentials in the Fitness World

On Credentials in the Fitness World

The Good

There are lots of great people out here who can help you get healthier through changes to your lifestyle. I’m one of them, I’m a Health Coach and Trainer.

Read this if you like acronyms-otherwise skip my list of credentials

ACE certified (American council of Exercise) Health Coach

BA-I have a university degree in psychology,

CSEP (Canadian society exercise physiology) certified personal trainer,

AFLCA (Alberta fitness leadership certification association) train the trainer in training

The list goes on and on...but you get it.

Why Should you Care?

The long list of letters after my name represents professional associations who insure me. They insure me because I passed rigorous tests. They don’t make any more money from me. I’m not an in-house big box gym trainer or a product selling health coach. My education is based on academic and scientific research-not sales. You can claim my services through your health insurance. Basically, when I say something, I’ve got years of education, experience, and accreditation backing my statements. Am I perfect? Of course not, but I know what I don’t know. I don’t give medical advice because I’m not a doctor.

The Bad

Ummm, you are giving your trust, time, and money to someone who sees you as a dollar sign. You are getting on a never ending wheel. If you believe that a product is responsible for your success, instead of your behavior changes, you will never be able to stop giving them your money. What exactly does an uncertified health coach know about anatomy? Are they insured to give you health or fitness advice? Can you claim their services through your health insurance? If you get hurt following their program who is to blame?

The Weird

Getting to a healthy weight is all about create and maintaining a calorie deficit on a consistent basis.  If an uncertified health coach gives you advice and sells you a product that helps you do that, it’s possible that you can lose weight and get fit, for a short while at least.  However a long term change in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight requires a lifelong change in attitude about both food and fitness.  There is no quick fix or magic bullet.  If the products sold and advice dispensed by an uncertified health coach are not sustainable in the long term, it’s very possible that you will return to the same old habits that got you to an unhealthy weight in the first place.   

The fact is that most health products sold by these uncertified health coaches are not very nutrient dense and the advice they dispense can often do more harm than good.  I have worked with many clients who come to me after initially working with an uncertified health coach.  They are often burnt out (and sometimes even injured) from the lack of nutrients from the products sold coupled with the intense workout sessions prescribed.

Just remember that you get what you pay for.  If you want quality, long lasting results you have to invest not just money but time.  This means getting a professional guide, eating real food and making long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

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