On Quick Fixes and the Companies that Sell Them

On Quick Fixes and the Companies that Sell Them

There are a lot of ethical companies out there which sell products to help people get to a healthy weight.  Many of those companies promote their products in a responsible way.  This blog post is not about those companies but about the ones that make misleading claims and sell products that are no different than what you can buy at your local grocery store.

My Experience with Products Promising a Quick Fix

Let’s start off this blog post with a confession. I’ve bought and used products from weight loss  companies promising a quick fix twice.  I want to share my experiences with you and I really want to share the reasons why we don't buy into that approach to reaching a healthy weight.

So why did I use products from these types of companies before? There are two reasons:

  1. I wanted very desperately to lose weight and guarantees were made by the companies.  Looking back on these guarantees, they were both unhealthy and unsustainable for several reasons. The first being cost, the protein powders I purchased were significantly more expensive than the ones I can find at the local grocery store.  Secondly, using protein shakes as my meal replacements isn't something that I could enjoy long term, I enjoy chewing food too much!

  2. The people who reached out to me are people who I love very dearly and I wanted to support them. So it felt like a win-win, I would try some products, they would get some extra cash. It made me feel good to support those people.  

So I tried the products, there were two different companies involved and I don’t feel like naming names, but the setup was essentially identical. I signed up to receive regular shipments of a protein powder, sometimes some vitamins etc.  My friend would get a small percentage of the sale and so on.

At first it was great, I DID lose weight. I also exercised and limited how much I was eating. The first one I tried said to drink two protein shakes a day, have a snack and one big meal, so I did that.  After about two months I realized that this was not sustainable for me, I binged back all the weight I had lost and I was back to the starting point. 

In the time period between Company #1 and Company #2 I also tried some other really dumb diets which we will talk about another day, but to highlight it. I was desperate. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, hated pictures being taken of me and was just overall unhappy.

"after about two months I realized that this was not sustainable for me, I binged back all the weight I had lost and I was back to the starting point." 

So Company #2 pops up, I try it, and it’s fine. There was nothing necessarily bad about the product, other having to commit to regular shipments in order to be able to purchase the product at a reasonable price.  I started looking at the nutritional ingredients, and the prices and really was wondering where my money was going. I realized I could buy basically the exact same stuff  for about ¼ of the cost. I couldn’t beat those savings so I quit that one.  I will have a link a the bottom of the page on cost per shake of making protein shakes yourself vs an the ones sold by these kinds of companies.  It’s unnerving.

So there we go. I tried the products, not a great experience but not super horrible either. More so just meh. I didn’t think much of it…….until I started to be successful on my own.  Brian and I have made it very clear that we follow calories in - calories out for our weight loss success, it's what is sustainable for us since there are no 'good' or 'bad' foods, just appropriate portion sizes.


One of my favorite foods - an appropriate portion size of chips

The Attempt to Take Credit for my Hard Work 

I, like many other people posted before/after picture on instagram, I’m not super cool so only had like 60 followers. No big deal, just kind of showing that I had been working hard and feeling great. I did not anticipate what would happen next.

I received offer, after offer, after offer to become a rep for weight loss and fitness coaching companies that promised people a quick fix to reaching a healthy weight. NOT to sell the product, but to rep it and to attribute my success to their product.  Read that again, and tell me that’s not deceitful.  

"Read that again, and tell me that’s not deceitful." 

These companies wanted to take MY hard work, MY dedication and pretend it was all them.  I was mad about the attempt to hijack and claim ownership of MY progress.  I was also and continue to be furious on behalf of ALL the other people who were just like me when I first tried products from those companies.  I was desperate, I was sad, I was unhappy with my body I would have paid ANYTHING for an easy fix.  There is no easy fix. There is a simple one though, track your calories, create a deficient and be patient. 

Brian and Erin 7.jpg

One of the progress pics that a company wanted to take credit for

"There is no easy fix. There is a hard one though - track your calories, create a deficient and be patient."

*side note* I do drink protein shakes,  they are great, delicious and can be a cheap source of protein. I get my protein powder from Costco because it has the type of protein my stomach handles best and it tastes okay.  It’s also a fairly easy way to get protein! Not all are created equal, and I’m not a scientist, so here is a good link on how to pick a Protein powder.  

At the bottom of the page I’m going to share a ton of links, because people with way more insight into this have done tons of research and it’s important.

I have a whole host of other concerns about the “Health coach” companies’s out there. You know the one, that also sells the protein shakes (but you have to dig fairly deep or ask very specific questions to the health coach to confirm that). But I want to leave that piece up to someone MUCH more qualified than me. 

Check back in later this month to read a guest blog contribution on this very topic!

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