On At Home Food Choice Success

On At Home Food Choice Success

How I Ended up Working From Home

Something not everyone who follows us on Instagram or Facebook knows is that I work from home. When Brian was offered a position to work in Alberta, I was very fortunate to be able to keep my job.  I transitioned from working in an office to working from home.  The other thing you may not know is my job is fairly stressful (I take that back, it’s super stressful especially at this time of the year).

The Ups and Downs of Working From Home

Working from home has a lot of benefits.  When it's -40 Celsius, as it sometimes is here in Alberta during the winter, I don't need to commute to an office.  Also, everyday is casual Friday!  

One big challenge however, with working from home is making good food choices.  When I worked in an office, it was a bit easier to control what I was eating, the I worked at office wasn’t super close to a lot of restaurants so I would bring my own food and snacks. Sure we had snacks and office birthday cake (Which I miss dearly) but it was nothing compared to the temptations that happen when you are at home ALL the time and your kitchen is basically your office.


I do miss the office birthday cake

At first it was really difficult to get a handle on my snacking habits while working from home. Not only do I deal with easily accessible food but I am dealing with major stress. As I’ve talked about before, I struggled with eating my feelings and to be honest I still do eat poorly when severely stressed, however that is very minimal and I would much rather be working out at a gym instead of eating my stress.


           Deep Squat!

My Top Tips for Making Smart Food Choices When Working From Home

When I hear people saying how difficult it is to lose weight when they are at home all day, I totally empathize. It is HARD, but it is possible. I work from home and that is my experience, but the below tips work for anyone who is at home all day due to circumstance (stay at home parents, retired individuals, primary caregivers).

  1. Preparation is key - if I know exactly what I intend to eat for the day I am way less likely to browse through my cupboards and fridge for snacks. I prepare meals in advance and also frequently pre-log my food for the day using myfitnesspal.

  2. Stay organized - This goes hand in hand with the above point.  I know for sure that there are going to be moments where I’m really really stressed, and really busy and want a snack that I didn’t really budget for. Pre-packaging these snacks is very useful, Brian and I typically have pretzels divided into ½ portion and full portion sized baggies for when those times happen. It’s much better to go 100 calories over your budget instead of 400 because you’re just grazing.

  3. Know your weaknesses - There are certain foods I cannot keep in the house. I will eat them all. For example I love candy, in particular skittles. They are my favorite and I will eat those until they are gone no matter how many I have already eaten.  I do still eat them, but only buy one small package at a time. The same goes for most pastries, especially ones containing chocolate.  It’s okay that there are foods that you are especially prone to eating when stressed or bored, just acknowledge it, and adjust accordingly.

  4. Find another outlet- I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming blog, but for me just realizing that I ate when I was mad, happy, sad, stressed and bored was a revelation for more. It is obviously an unhealthy thing to do, however it is extremely common. Try finding a different outlet for those triggers, a few things that I do are exercise, cross stitch and listen to podcasts. All of these help me process those feelings and deal with them instead of burying them with calories.

So to all my fellow work at home people, it’s possible!

Please email me if you have any questions or if you have your own tips I would love to hear them!

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