On Finding A Sport You Love

On Finding A Sport You Love

It’s possible to succeed in becoming fit without finding a sport that you love, but it’s not going to be fun and the chances for long term success are much lower. What we recommend doing is trying several different ones, give it a good try (at least a month) and if you love it great, but if you don’t move on and keep trying until you find something you love. Brian and I continue to be surprised that we both fell in love with sports that we were previously really intimidated by.

Two weeks ago, Brian share with you his story about how he fell in love with running, so this week I’m going to share my story about how I fell in love with weight lifting.

How it Started

After trying to love running for almost a year I injured myself and just plain couldn’t anymore (I’m now able to and do run for my cardio training, I’m currently training for my first ½ marathon)

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Brian and I after our first race together.

While running was okay, and I knew it was good for my health, I never loved it, when my sports physiotherapist recommended weight training to me to help with my sports injury I was nervous. I’m a clumsy person and was very, very weak. Part of my identity had always been that I was the ‘weak one’.

I signed up for a woman on weights program, which is an introductory program for women who have never done weights before, and after a few weeks I was hooked. Looking at it now I can now totally understand why I love it so much.  That woman on weights program is also how I met my trainer - Karen!




Me doing what I love - weight training.

Zoning Out

The thing about me is that I am an over thinker, my brain is constantly going. I stay up late thinking of ideas and I love a good brainstorming session. But sometimes that can be exhausting, sometimes I would just like to turn it off and not think at all.  A lot of people find that during cardio they can shut off their thought process and reach a really meditative state, but it was never that way for me. It turns out that lifting weights brings me my zen.


Going to the mountains and weight lifting brings me zen 

Because I have to focus all my energy onto what my body should be doing, should my arms be here, should my legs go lower, can I lift a heavier weight? In listening to what my body is telling me, and focusing on what it should be doing I reach a very calm sense.  Now when I want a break from my over active brain I lift weights, it calms me down.

Some Tips if you are Thinking of Getting into Weight Lifting

  1. Start slow at a low weight.  It might be tempting to try and push yourself but it's better to progress slower and be injury free.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Most gyms will have staff on hand to help you out!
  3. Take pride in your accomplishments.  Don't worry about what you can't do, focus on what you can do - even if that is only one or two squats at a time.
  4. Go at your own pace.  Weight lifting is one of those sports where you are really competing against yourself.  
  5. Have fun!  It's okay to look a little goofy when first trying out a new move.
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