On 9 Years of Marriage!

On 9 Years of Marriage!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary!  So for 9 years, here are 9 little fun tidbits about us:

  • We have four pets. Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Floof  are our cats (Floof is Brian's favorite). Shelby is our old lady dog. She is a smooth coated collie so she is like Lassie but with just less fur. 
  • We met when I was 15 and Brian was 14. Apparently our first conversation was about how much I enjoy cheeseburgers.  I don't remember that, but it checks out because I am huge cheeseburger fan.

"It checks out because I am a huge cheeseburger fan"

  • We both love really bad movies. Our favorite is "The Room". If you haven't checked it out here is a brief overview here. We 're actually going to see a movie about the "The Room" for our anniversary. 

Movie side note: movie theater popcorn is one of those things that both Brian and I will plan our daily calories around for.

  • When Brian got his job in Edmonton we only had about three weeks to move, so we bought our house online! We never set foot in the house until we moved in.

Our home

We bought it sight unseen, but it really worked out for us.  We have been here for over five years and really love it.

  • Brian runs about 50km a week.  He jokes that it is his drug of choice. 

A typical week for Brian

  • I like crafting a lot, I usually have several crafts going on. But focus more on cross stitch.  Here are a few of my pieces:
  • We don't host a lot of parties, but every year for the past 12 years, we have held a Festivus party.

A gift I made for a guest at our Festivus party this year.

  • I am the clumsiest person I have met. Brian has seen me fall while standing perfectly still.  However I've only broken fingers and toes!

I tried to lift the TV and it fell on me :(

  • If you would have told us 9 years ago that we would lose 200 pounds together, and be sharing our life with everyone, we probably would have laughed! We are constantly amazed at where our journey has taken us. 

"We are constantly amazed at where our journey has taken us"

I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend, we know how lucky we are and how special what we have is. I can't wait to see where our adventures take us, and as long as we are together facing the world head on we'll get through anything. 

Some pictures of us celebrating our nine year wedding anniversary in the Edmonton river valley:


*helpful tip for relationships*- if you both suffer from hanger (like we do), keep granola bars or pretzels around. It helps A LOT with silly hunger induced bickering.


Brian's office stash of emergency granola bars.

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