Together we  have lost nearly 200 pounds and went from couch potatoes to fitness junkies. We are very excited to share our story with you.

We will share this story through regular blog entries.  We will also share our story through other social media platforms! 

This is not just about sharing our story with you, it is also about providing you with the tips and tools needed to make the same kind of a lifestyle change.  We want to create an authentic, supportive community for people at any stage of of their journey towards a more active and healthy lifestyle.

We lead a pretty ordinary life, we are in our early 30’s, live in Edmonton (Canada) and have professional jobs.    Two and a half years ago, we decided to make some lifestyle changes and get healthy.  The picture on the left is us in 2012, the picture on the right is us from 2017.  While many people view our story as extraordinary, we want you to know that anybody can make this kind of a change.

Our story seems to have interested people.  It has been featured on as well as ABCNBCGlobal News and

We often felt that it was too late to make positive changes, but we discovered that small changes over a longer period of time yield amazing results.  Our story is proof that small steps over a long period of time leads to a lifetime of success and fulfillment.